The Nelson County Pantry is located at 9890 Thomas Nelson Highway next to St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  The Pantry is a member of the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank. We are a privately funded, non-profit organization operated entirely by volunteers and the generous contributions from many local churches, civic organizations, businesses and private individuals.

On a monthly basis the Pantry provides supplemental food to an average of 250 households, representing approximately 700 individuals. The food purchases and donations average more than 20,000 pounds each month. Students from the North Branch School as well as other student and community volunteers work diligently to stock, pack and distribute the 400 grocery boxes needed each month.  The Pantry operates with an average of 100 volunteers contributing approximately 250 hours each month.

We are forever grateful for the community support we receive. We could not survive without your help! Our amazing volunteers show up in the freezing rain, the chilling cold, the extreme heat as well as all the beautiful days. You can’t imagine how hard they work. We marvel at how everything just seems to happen. No matter what needs to be done, these wonderful people just make it happen. All they receive for their hard work is a sincere THANK YOU from those they serve as well as each other. They are the heart and soul of our organization.

Our faithful donors provide the funds to ensure those who need food do not leave empty handed. We apply for grants to cover the maintenance and recurring expenses such as utilities, insurance and upgrading equipment, so every dollar donated for food is spent on providing as much food as possible to those who need it. We are forever grateful for your support, but more importantly, so are the people who are the beneficiaries of your generosity.

May God Bless this wonderful community we are so privileged to be a part of!


Mailing Address:

Nelson County Pantry

P. O. 353

Lovingston, VA 22949-0353

The Nelson County Pantry is an Equal Opportunity Provider!