North Branch School

The students from North Branch School play a vital role in the operation of the Nelson County Pantry. For more than fifteen years, on a monthly basis, ten to twelve middle school students come on our Stocking Day to help us unload the delivery truck from the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and stock the shelves. The following week, another group of ten to twelve students come to help us pack the 350 to 400 grocery boxes we prepare for distribution.

They work side by side with adult volunteers and do whatever is asked. Many times we have bins of apples, peaches or pears that need bagging, 50 pound bags of carrots, onions and the like that must be re-bagged for families. There is never a complaint no matter the weather or conditions.

The Free Book Bus

The Free Book Bus was founded to enable all families to have a home library for their children, regardless of income. The Free Book Bus is based in Charlottesville but travels to Albemarle, Nelson and other surrounding areas. We give free children’s books to every child or teen who visits the bus.